Kingdoms of Camelot

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Celidon459 Caval458 LLamrei457 Clarent456 Annwyn455 Rhon454 Caliburn453 Arondight452
Galantine451 Excalibur450 Arturo449 Goswhit448 Pridwen447 Culwich446 Glessic445 Badon444
LLamrei441 Annwyn439 Galantine435 Excalibur434 Arthur433 Pridwen415 Badon348 Goswhit304
My thanks goes out to Woodmann from the kabam forums for pointing out a bug. It was on my todo list but I kept putting it off. I changed the formating for timestamp generation here in the changelog located on the front page but I never verified the times. They were a month off.
The 3 new domains are being updated with the inital info, I will get them online tomorrow.
Domains 385,388,389,410,438 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/29/2014.
Domains 409,430,431,436,437,440,442 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/27/2014.
Domains 420,424,425,427,428,432 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/22/2014.
Domains 418,421,422,423,426,443 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/20/2014.
Domains 412,414,416,417,419,429 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/15/2014. Oh one more thing, if you need access to the old domains, you can still find them on the site. The server list up top of the nav will still show links to every game server/domain even when the site is nolonger updating them. I do this so the nav stays as small as possible.
Sometimes the first entry in your alliance history gets deleted. It's something to do with how the map scanner deals with the initial data after a domain merge. When you change alliance i record both the new one and your previous. Since the first one is deleted i use the old alliance id and insert it up top with a blank date. It's the only way i can think of to overcome the issue at this time. I did something simular with name changes also. This only applies to player profiles.
The display of player names have been slightly altered to fix the problems caused by invalid and non printable characters.
The site's mod has an update.
Domain 445 was added
The site's mod is causing some issues with the game. You will have to click the mod link here to update it.
I am working on a few things that will break images and make the site run slower with possible outages today and tomorrow. As soon as i am done i will get the new game server updating for everyone.
Domain 443 and 444 have been added
I had a problem with complaints about a person on the site's hide list. This list was never fully implemented due to a lot of reasons that i am not going to go into here so don't bother asking to be on it. Anyway... I had several people make a claim that a person on my hide list sent out some messages claiming they could get people on the hide list too for gems. I don't know if the hidden person really sent those messages out or not. For all i know it was a joke. Either way it's totally untrue. Don't send anyone gems or money... If i ever sell any feature, it will be on the site. I don't have an inner circle or some kind of secret handshake that gives you perks. No one gets anything special other then what you get when running the mod.
I had someone complain about some changes i made on the site recently. Over time i have been removing tables and creating simulated ones. It helps if your a webmaster/web programmer and you need to future prof the ability to make content adjustable but it's not so great for my visitors who like to copy and paste into spreadsheet apps. Over the next week or 2 I am going to convert everything back to tables. Another thing I need to mention is that I decided against adding links on player profiles to the domains the player merged from. I know i told several people I would have it finished but I have other things that are far more important to work on.
To: @Alliance
From: kocmon
Subject: wild stealing

why is it ok for someone to steal your resource starving your troops to death but not ok to take their wilds when neither you nor them lose anything but the time to take then back.

I will abide by the no wild stealing rule of course, I just think that taking enemy wilds from alliances we are at war with is not stealing, it's strategy.
Navigation Change2014-02-20
Kocmon is testing out listing all of the active domains on left spanning down rather then having that expando tree with 2 levels. I dont want all of those there but the nav needs a change. I may change it back depending on the feedback I get. If you need access to the old domains you can click the server list at the very top. Lately I have been watching a lot of automated hacking attempts focusing on wordpress exploits aimed at the website. I don't use it so it's not an issue but a second wave trying to get access to my server's password file made me close up a lot of loopholes.
The site is running a little slower. I know it sucks but i think it's nessary. Over the last few days I have been working on the alliance pages but i noticed that the pages were giving really old info. It's annoying seeing changes only once every 10 minutes. I disabled all of the cache code for alliance pages. I removed the export page. The alliance histroy page was kind of confusing so instead of having 3 columns, joined, left and current, It's now just joined/left in one column and the other is the person's current alliance. I improved the cluster page some by adding color. Lets see oh I also fixed the bad player profile links on the cluster page as well as the might numbers. I fixed a bug with the map scanner not clearing a player's alliance position once they have moved. The code displaying links to previously merged domains is almost done. The new merged domains will be added tomorrow.
Domains 358, 363, 406 and 378, 413 and 357, 361, 365 are nolonger updating. They posted there were going to merge these then started doing it before any of use had a chance to select domains. Someone dropped the ball on that because us scripters need time to make sure we are not making cross domain data requests. It can cause issues with kabam figuring out what your last played domain was. Oh and i forgot to tell everyone. I can't merge old domain history like alliance and name changes but i am working on adding links to each profile if the website finds they are also on one of the old domains. I also moved the server links up top on the front page for people who use their phones and have problems with the site nav.
Bug Fix2014-02-09
I found a bug with player cities. What happened is that the map scanner added them to my database but set the added time to zero. In various places on the site i use a timestamp of zero to mean the city is currently invalid so it does not show. I have added correction code to the updater but it will take 6-18 hours for it to fix visible cities. For now i have removed extra check on player info pages so you will be seeing duplicate cities as people teleport around for a while.
The changes to the database went faster then I expected. domains 427,428,429 are updating but i will be waiting untill morning to enable them on the website. The change in code to accommodate Kabam arbitrary changing map ids is working great.
Just letting everyone know that I need another 24 hours or so to finish the database alterations after that i will add the new domains.
I have figured out why the misted cities list has been bugged. Kabam has been changing tile Ids on the map so they are not consistant. The old domains would be something like 1-540000 starting at 0,0 but durring the recent mergers they changed it. Today as i was working on making adjustments for that i realized that there is yet another tile id scheme. This means i would have to account for 3 different ways that the maps are currently organized in my code if i do anything by tileId. It's frustrating. Inorder to solve this issue i am going to make it so all my code uses x,y and dump all of the tricks i use to speed searches up. This will take some time. The main updater uses tileId's also so bear with me as i fix it all.
Domains 366, 369, 398 and 351,355, 372 and 352, 376 are nolonger updating inorder to prepare for the merger on 02/04/2014. I am sorry. The rss feed that i was using to monitor the forums didn't show it. My thanks goes out to Chad Baxter for pointing it out this morning.
Domains 368, 374, 370, 402, 360, 377, 407 are nolonger updating inorder to prepare for the merger on 2/06/2014
Domains 354, 356, 405, 367, 408 are nolonger updating inorder to prepare for the merger on 1/29/2014
Bug Fixes2014-01-22
I fixed a few security issues with the site, the active player chart nolonger tries to add non updating domains, and i added some color change to the name of old domains in the site's nav.
I just added 420 and 421. Right now the scanner is just updating wild types and adding the few visible players. That will take 24 hours, after that it will be another week or so before everyone comes out of beginner protection and then usefull data will appear. I also fixed a long standing bug that was causing 404 pages to display wrong. That bug was um, way more then a year old so i am very happy to see working 404 pages.
I enabled the site to show the merged domains from last Nov. I have no idea why anyone would want to look at them.
My site has always worked on the assumption that if a domain isn't being updated then there is no reason to show it. I changed it so now the manual update buttons and the game crawler check a different setting allowing us to pull up old domains that have merged and nolonger exist. I also fixed a few bugs that allowed people to see pages they shouldn't.
Domains 418 and 419 have been added. Enabled the non mergered domains since Kabam is holding off till next year.
Domains 340,343,359,375 are disabled for merging.
Domains 416 and 417 have been added. I think there is a newbie protection when the domains are merged so it will be some time before everyone is out of the mist and added.
Domains 400,401,364,399 are disabled. I made a mistake when i first coded the site. I never considered giving access to domains that are nolonger alive. The only way to turn off the map scanner and manual update buttons is to disable the domains on the site completely.
Bug Fix2013-11-03
I believe i tracked down the player activity bug. I will probably have to clear out the first run but I will have the correct numbers before the first merger happens.
I will be stopping updates of domains that are being merged 3 days before Kabam does inorder to protect users of my mod from running into problems with their last login dates.
Just in case you missed it, Kabam will be doing more mergers. I was just complaing about new domains vs mergers and then I find out about it. I don't have any connections inside Kabam so I had no idea it was comming. If you want details check out the forum post.
I was thinking about something relating to the new pvp domain. A long time ago i played another browser game simular to koc called travian. There, like the new pvp domain you always defend. We had 2 ways to protect our troops from larger guys. We sent them on 8 hour long marches or we sent them over to whoever was our strongest ally and defended their city. The long march strategy will not work here but reinforcing whoever is the biggest or hiding troops in your wilds might work. I think the pvp domain is going to turn into a shell game where the bigger player is going to be flipping wilds trying to find your troops. The "No attaking wilds" rule we mostly abide to, could be in danger.
I added domain 414 last night and 415 this morning. They will both need 24 hours to input the initial data. 415 will be mostly blank untill people start comming out of the mist in a week or 2.
I have a work around for the duplicate name change entires. Since i can't figure out how they are getting in there i am removing them as the site tries to displays them. I also fixed the missing domain 300 that appears at the bottom of the index page. When i was coding it i did some bad math to calculate how many rows to display.
I got cleared out2013-10-17
Normally i don't post about my own in game activity but 3 hours ago I had someone take 100B+ resource from me in less then 5 minutes. If i had not been on my dev computer that happened to have powerbot set up to text me on my phone on incomming attacks, i would probably be complaining about troop loss rather then a food shortage. I was so impressed, so much in awe that i didn't get angry but instead i messaged the player. Here is what was said:

I first sent em an in game email titled "scary!": Oct 17, 11:42 AM
Wow, how the fuck did you just take all my food in one hit. sheet! LOL

Lord Kill_U_All whispers to you: 11:43
wouldnt had happened had you defended

I think i whispered that if i defended i would have lost my troops but i guess it didn't go through or didn't save on game refresh so there is a lost post here.

Lord Kill_U_All whispers to you: 11:46
dont talk to me and your alliance is my biotch kiss my ring !

Lord kocmon whispers to Kill_U_All: 14:47
i would agree lol i am your bitch

Lord Kill_U_All whispers to you: 11:47
so get on your knees and kiss my ring !

Lord kocmon whispers to Kill_U_All: 14:48
seriously that was really cool, i just wish i wasn;t the person getting hit by that
I am happy that the ascension level of Britons has been increased to 6 but this other info that Kabam posted mentioned a pvp domain type. We already have pvp. Having multiple types of domains with different rules is lazyness in my opinion. If something is wrong with the game, change it. I don't see the logic in dividing up your devs time. To me... creating new server/domain types is creating new games. Kabam will end up leaving the old players behind or removing incentive to stick with the old domains thereby giving you incentive to move and having to spend more money to be good like you were before. Good for Kabam, bad for us. This mentality is why Kabam kept adding more domains. They knew that the new domains spur more spending by players and cycle out the old ones. Again good for them but bad for us long time players. This is a bad business model. The server mergers fixed the problem of inactive players. The small changes like letting us make limited amounts of flame archers and giving us a gem or 2 here and there was a good change in direction but now it's looking like they are going back to their old ways.
Bugs etc.2013-10-16
I did some fixes to stuff behind the scenes. Apparently a few invalid domains were pulling up pages. I am aware of domain 414 missing from the site and will be adding it soon. I said i would fix the duplicate name changes, thought i did but somehow they are still appearing so i will give it another try soon. I promiss i will fix the active player script too, i have been putting it off so i could spend my time playing eve online. I have an unfinished eve project but i think i am going to drop it so i can concentrate on and a kingdoms of cameot like alternative I have been working on for a few months.