Kingdoms of Camelot

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Bug Fix2015-09-01
There was a bug in the database that was causing city locations to not be inserted into the database. It's now fixed so domain 460 should show some cities by tomorrow.
I noticed that domain 460 has lots of missing city info. I know they exist but nothing about them yet. I do however know what wilds they have. I made a change to player profiles. Wilds now show even when I don't know anything about it's owner city. The mod update that I have been working on for 9+ months (I was being lazy) is almost done. This will help us find those missing cities. p.s. It's annoying how much I say "I". I can't help it. It would be weird to say "us" or "we" because everything is done by me and I don't want to imply otherwise.
New Domain2015-08-21
Badon460 has been added the website. It's been a while since I have seen a new server, kinda nice.
Bug Fix2015-07-28
I had to re-enable the old style navigation. The phone version was not ready and i published it by accident. I also altered the adchecker some to fix an issue.
Against every fiber of my being I added an ad blocker check. I hate them with a passion. I truely do. The only time sites ever do it is when they are desperate. I don't want to keep the site going but this isn't for me, it's for all of you out there. Fine, I will try the ad blocker check for a few days to see how much actual traffic is comming in.
I have not talked about it too much but the last month or so my ads have barely covered everything. Looking at the amount i have made in the last 28 days, it's not enough to break even so I am shutting down. There is no way I am going to start begging or trying to come up with a new feature or scheme hoping I can hang on. I am also not going to start charging and locking everyone but the rich players out... so this is... how it's going to be. I don't have a date to give you untill I check my hosting contract.
The last time a city was seen has been added to both the map scanner and player profile pages. The length of time a city was at a location has always been in the database but never displayed. It's now on the player profile page too. You should be aware that the dates of how long a city was where could be wrong. I think the info could be useful for figuring out things. If one city moves a lot you could assume that is the player's main offense and a city that does not move when the rest do could be their food store they are keeping under ascention protection.
Bug Fix2015-04-18
I had an issue with the map scanner. Well actually it was a combination of rockyou and my code. Several days ago someone ran some kind of maintenace code on the game's map data which ended up renumbering map tiles on several domains. I had a bug with the code that reacts to that possibility causing the map scanner to get stuck.
I have been working on a few things recently to make the site more mobile friendly. It's not pretty. The nav for mobile is almost done.
So far I am not very impressed with the guys who are running the game now.
My thanks goes out to Woodmann from the kabam forums for pointing out a bug. It was on my todo list but I kept putting it off. I changed the formating for timestamp generation here in the changelog located on the front page but I never verified the times. They were a month off.
The 3 new domains are being updated with the inital info, I will get them online tomorrow.
Domains 385,388,389,410,438 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/29/2014.
Domains 409,430,431,436,437,440,442 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/27/2014.
Domains 420,424,425,427,428,432 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/22/2014.
Domains 418,421,422,423,426,443 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/20/2014.
Domains 412,414,416,417,419,429 are no longer being updated since they are scheduled to be merged on 10/15/2014. Oh one more thing, if you need access to the old domains, you can still find them on the site. The server list up top of the nav will still show links to every game server/domain even when the site is nolonger updating them. I do this so the nav stays as small as possible.